13 Best Kitchen Remodel Ideas – Kitchen Makeover On A Budget

Are you ready to transform your kitchen into a space that's both functional and stylish?

Look no further! We’ve curated a list of the 13 best kitchen remodel ideas to inspire your next renovation project. From timeless classics to innovative trends, there’s something here for every taste and budget.

Renovate Your Kitchen With An Open Concept Layout:

Knock down walls to create an open-concept kitchen that seamlessly integrates with adjacent living and dining areas, promoting a sense of spaciousness and connectivity.

You can create a similar open-plan kitchen layout on a budget, even in a small kitchen. You don’t necessarily need to knock down walls!

An open plan look is all about creating a sense of space and it can be achieved by clearing out clutter and opting for handleless cabinet doors, sleek worktops and by not having loads of items on your worktops.

Kitchen Remodel Cheaply Using Statement Lighting:

Install eye-catching pendant lights or a stylish chandelier to add a touch of glamour and personality to your kitchen space.

Changing your kitchen lighting is an extremely easy and cheap way to renovate a kitchen on a budget and is a task that can be done in an afternoon. 

Two-Tone Cabinetry:

Embrace the two-tone cabinet trend by pairing contrasting colours or finishes for upper and lower cabinets, creating visual interest and depth.

We would suggest that your lower cabinets are of a darker colour, for example, dark grey bottom cupboards and white kitchen upper cabinets.

It can give your kitchen a bespoke feel without breaking the bank. 

Easy Kitchen Renovation Using A Quartz Worktop:

Upgrade to durable and low-maintenance quartz countertops, available in a wide range of colours and patterns to suit any design aesthetic.

Today with modern technology you don’t have to stick to cheaper laminate worktops or super costly granite or marble.

There is a cost-effective way of getting the look of natural stone by having a kitchen worktop overlay. You can custom fit a new worktop over your current one and achieve the same look as stone at a fraction of the cost of using natural stone.

A Hot Kitchen Design Idea – Use Matte Black Fixtures:

Add a modern touch to your kitchen with matte black taps, cabinet hardware, and light fixtures, creating a sleek and sophisticated look.

It’s been a hot design trend not just in kitchens but in bathrooms too. Many top kitchen designers are opting to replace chrome and brass features for a sleek modern new look, it’s one of the kitchen trends that we feel are here to stay!

Kitchen remodel idea using matt black taps

Add A Farmhouse Sink:

Install a charming farmhouse sink to evoke rustic elegance and enhance the functionality of your kitchen workspace.

Subway Tile Backsplash:

Create a classic yet timeless look with a subway tile backsplash, available in a variety of colours and configurations to complement any kitchen design.

If your kitchen is small, we would suggest being careful with this type of splashback design as the intricate pattern can enclose a room. Although you could use just a small section around the sink and hob.

Kitchen remodel idea using subway tiles as a kitchen splashback

Under-Cabinet Lighting:

Illuminate your countertops and workspace with under-cabinet lighting, enhancing visibility and ambience while adding a touch of drama to your kitchen.

If you’re really on a tight budget there are even easy-to-install LED lighting strips that can be battery-operated and controlled by a small remote control.

Hidden Storage:

Utilise clever storage solutions such as pull-out shelves and corner drawers.

If you have a garage or water-tight shed that has power you could even move some appliances out of the kitchen, such as freezers and tumble dryers to maximize storage space and minimise clutter in your kitchen. It’s a great way to add more storage cabinets in your kitchen. 

A key point to remember though is that it can become frustrating nipping to the garage when you need some frozen chips for tea!

Built-In Coffee Station:

Create a dedicated coffee station complete with a built-in espresso machine, coffee grinder, and storage for mugs, beans, and accessories.

Even just a small area with a selection of coffee pods and some sleek espresso cups near your coffee machine can create a feeling of sophistication or just a haven for coffee nuts needing their morning caffeine fix.

kitchen reonvation idea making a coffee station

Wall-Mounted Pot Racks & Pan Storage:

Free up cabinet space and add a touch of industrial chic with a wall-mounted pot rack, providing convenient storage for pots, pans, and utensils.

Floor to Ceiling Cabinets:

Opt for floor-to-ceiling cabinets to maximise vertical storage space and create a streamlined look in your kitchen.

If your kitchen is on the smaller side, remember that kitchen counter space is prime space so having floor-to-ceiling cabinets will reduce the potential worktop area.

Built-In Spice Rack:

Keep your spices organised and easily accessible with a built-in spice rack, conveniently located near the stovetop for effortless cooking and seasoning.

We have even seen DIY versions that you can needly stick under cabinets for easy accessibility.


Whether you’re planning a complete kitchen overhaul or a simple refresh, these 13 best kitchen remodel ideas are sure to inspire your creativity and elevate your space to new heights. Happy renovating!



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