9 Easy Kitchen Redesign Tips Before Getting Started

Embarking on a kitchen redesign is an exciting yet daunting journey.
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As a leading expert in kitchen makeovers, we understand the importance of thorough preparation and informed decision-making. Before diving into your renovation project, consider the valuable lessons learned from those who have walked this path. Here are some essential tips to guide you through the process:

Seek Professional Design Assistance

Whether you’re opting for a complete kitchen redesign by replacing everything or looking for a simple kitchen renovation such as changing cabinet fronts and replacing kitchen worktops there are a few things worth considering

Partnering with a kitchen designer can make a massive difference in achieving your desired outcome. They offer invaluable insights and can help you navigate the design process efficiently. Consider exploring design services offered by reputable suppliers or building supply stores, as they may provide complimentary or affordable design assistance.

Prepare For Temporary Discomfort With A Kitchen Redesign

Living without a functioning kitchen during the renovation period can be challenging. This is more of an issue if you are going back to basics and ripping everything out. Expect your kitchen to be out of action for a significant period.

If you’re having a kitchen makeover, then your kitchen will only be ‘out of action’ for a few days at most.

Plan ahead for alternative cooking arrangements and embrace the temporary inconvenience knowing that it will lead to a better end result.

It may sound silly but healthy microwave meals or one-pot recipes that you can put together easily and quickly can be a lifesaver! Also, have local takeaway numbers to hand.

Another tip is to buy bottled water in bulk, you may have access to water in your bathroom, but having a supply to quickly make a cuppa instead of running up and down stairs all the time will make things easier.

Whatever type of kitchen redesign or makeover you choose, prepare for a bit of upheaval.

Select The Position of Appliances And Layout Early On

Choosing your appliances, sinks and layout early in the planning stage is crucial as they influence the layout and design of your kitchen. Remember the kitchen triangle – sink – fridge – cooker all nearby to each other!

Also, take into account not only the dimensions of large appliances but also clearance requirements for optimal functionality. Coordinate with suppliers who offer storage for purchased items until installation day to streamline the process.

In your dream kitchen makeover, you want an easy flow around your kitchen. You don’t want to open a fridge to block a walkway or load a dishwasher which makes getting to the sink a nightmare.

This is where planning your kitchen redesign comes into play, with a makeover it should be an easy task as most elements in your kitchen will still be in the same places as before.

Make a Statement with One Design Feature

Opt for one standout design element that adds personality to your kitchen without overwhelming the space.

Whether it’s a striking flooring choice or a unique backsplash, balance boldness with simplicity to maintain cohesiveness in your design scheme, particularly in smaller kitchens.

Larger kitchens can allow for bolder designs as the space won’t feel cramped or cluttered. A smaller kitchen focuses on sleek lines and simpler patterns to maximise the sense of space.

Test Your Tile And Flooring Selection

Before committing to your tile or flooring choice, conduct a thorough dry run to ensure consistency in colour and pattern. Lay out all tiles and flooring samples beforehand to identify any variations and plan accordingly to avoid surprises during installation.

Think of this as a mood board. Collate samples of everything you would like in your kitchen. For example, most kitchen companies will be able to supply you with a sample of your chosen cabinet door style. Get samples of the colours of paints you want to use, tiles, flooring, pictures of light fittings and try and work out how they will all look together.

The most important aspect is your tiles, worktops and flooring as these will be more expensive to replace and get refitted if you decide you don’t like them after installation.

Keep Your Samples Handy

To add to the above point, to help with decision-making and ensure cohesive design coordination, carry samples of all materials with you when shopping for fixtures and finishes. This allows for better visualisation and ensures that your selections complement each other harmoniously.

Finalise Design Choices Early As Part Of Your Kitchen Redesign

Avoid making spur-of-the-moment design decisions under pressure. Finalise all design choices upfront to prevent costly mistakes or compromises later in the renovation process. Take the time to consider every detail, from shelving options to materials and finishes.

Embrace Drawer Organisation

Maximise storage efficiency and accessibility by incorporating pull-out drawers throughout your kitchen. Drawer storage offers greater convenience compared to traditional cabinets, allowing for easy organisation of pots, pans, and pantry essentials.

kitchen redesign making the most of your kitchen renovation

Incorporate Natural Elements

Introduce natural elements such as wood accents or greenery to add warmth and character to your kitchen. These elements provide visual interest and contrast, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of the space.

They are easy to replace and adding a plan here and a wicker basket there, can make a utilitarian kitchen into one with warmth and give a homely feel.

Kitchen Redesign Conclusion

Just remember that it’s your kitchen and regardless of whether you’re starting from scratch with a brand-new kitchen installation or opting for a cost-effective kitchen makeover the decisions you have to make will be the same.

Plan and choose wisely, and look holistically at the kitchen as a room that needs to work well with all elements together. Don’t pick items on a whim, you may like that green cabinet door but how will it look with your sleek black appliances? It could end up as a dark room that isn’t what you intended. Plan and plan again!



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