5 Ways to Easily Save Money on Your Kitchen Remodel

When you’re fed up with your old kitchen, whether it’s totally outdated, worn out or seen the last of its days, you’ll probably be sat there wondering how much it will cost to get a new kitchen installed?

There are a lot of options out there to suit all budgets and tastes when it comes to a new kitchen. The first major question you should ask yourself is:

“Do I actually need a new kitchen or can I remodel my current kitchen?”

There are many pros and cons to either option and some things to consider are:

  • The cost or budget you have available to invest in a new kitchen
  • The environmental impact of throwing out your current kitchen when it’s perfectly fine
  • Why are you looking to change your kitchen?
  • The length of time the kitchen renovation will take

In this guide, we will help you uncover some key factors that contribute to the cost of a kitchen remodel and how you can save money on your next home improvement project. 

What is the average cost of a kitchen remodel?

Consider today’s economic climate of increasing interest rates and spiralling inflation. For most of us, any decision on a major financial investment needs to be scrutinised more so than ever. Every penny needs to work as hard as it can for you.  

But that’s not to say life needs to go on hold, we all just need to look at what we’re spending a little bit closer.

But back to the question of the average cost of a kitchen remodel, Which – is the largest community body in the UK with over 68,000 monthly subscribers has recently done some research.

After liaising with many home improvement experts, industry bodies and suppliers they found that the average new kitchen installation price in the UK are as follows. The average terraced house will spend around £7,000 on a low end budget kitchen. Whilst a large bespoke kitchen will be anywhere in the region of around £100,000. 

Yup, a big financial commitment………………….

However, there are ways to drastically reduce what you’re likely to spend on a kitchen. You may not be aware that instead of ripping out your old kitchen and starting from scratch you can remodel your kitchen at a fraction of the cost of a brand-new kitchen. 

You will still receive amazing results by upgrading your kitchen countertops, changing your kitchen cabinet doors, swapping handles and splashbacks. A kitchen makeover will transform your kitchen and it will look and feel like new, just much cheaper than getting the big kitchen showrooms in!

Let’s look at some factors that will impact the cost of your kitchen remodel

If you’re serious about getting a kitchen redone by a makeover company then you need to know you have the same choices as getting a brand new kitchen from a major kitchen manufacturer, just less expensive. 

  • You’ll have a near-endless choice of styles of kitchen cabinet doors to choose from
  • Whether you’re looking for a modern black gloss finish, to a cream country shaker-style kitchen, the world is your oyster when it comes to colour choices
  • Depending on your tastes, there will be cabinet door handles and accessories just perfect for you
  • Your kitchen worktops are also a key thing to consider. Whether you opt of using what you currently have or replacing them with a high-end-looking quartz worktop, again you have a number of choices. 

We wanted to help you understand that having a kitchen makeover as opposed to spending a lot more on ripping out and starting from scratch doesn’t have to mean it’s a second-grade choice.

The size of your kitchen will impact the cost of your kitchen makeover

Obviously, the size of your kitchen is the main factor. If you currently have a smaller kitchen with fewer cabinets and work surfaces then it will cost less to makeover. On the other hand, medium and larger-sized kitchens will cost a bit more. 

Although the size of your kitchen will play a major role, you can be very conservative on costs. If your budget to change your kitchen is limited. Swapping a few things like your worktops, adding a splash of colour to your walls and changing your lighting are great ways to drastically change the look and feel of your kitchen. 

When you have more budget or what to upgrade your kitchen a few months down the road, you could opt for new cabinets and handles. 

This is the beauty of using a kitchen makeover company, it’s really flexible to fit around your budget. No more all-or-nothing mentality with pushy kitchen salespeople on commission trying to drain every drop out of your bank account. 

Image of a small kitchen that has been made over to look larger and more spacious

Appliances are a big investment when deciding on a kitchen makeover

Like every kitchen remodel that we do, deciding on whether you need or want new appliances will be one you need to make. 

If your appliances are still working perfectly well and are energy efficient, it may not be the right time to change them.  Also, if you’re watching the pennies, keeping your current appliances could be the way to go, upgrading them as and when you see fit. 

Not only that but, the environmental cost of chucking out your washing machine, dishwasher or fridge freezer etc. just for the sake of it may seem a bit extreme. 

We’re not judging by the way!

It’s your dream kitchen and we’ll help you achieve it. We wanted to make sure you understand that there are many many ways to save you money when you’re ready for a kitchen revamp.

An image showing kitchen appliances don't  need to be replaced when deciding on a kitchen makeover as opposed to installing a new kitchen

Kitchen flooring, keep it or replace it?

Flooring is something that you need to factor in whenever you’re thinking about a kitchen remodel. There is a large selection of flooring types including porcelain or ceramic tiles, wooden flooring, laminate flooring to even linoleum or lino flooring. 

You have the option again to decide whether to replace your kitchen flooring or not. If you have kitchen ceramic floor tiles at the moment, for instance, a great cost-saving option is to give them a deep clean to make them look like new.  Then pick cabinets and worktops that not only complement the floor but also choose a style that you love, matching kitchen handles to your style (link). 

Remember that the kitchen floor is one of the areas of your home that gets a lot of traffic and as such it will need to be hardwearing and durable, easy to clean but just as important one that you’re happy to look at. 

Cabinet styles and handles

A main part of your kitchen looks is the cabinets themselves. You have a vast array of kitchen door styles including contemporary, shaker, minimalist to more traditional etc. to choose from. You also have a massive selection of kitchen door colours. Add into the mix that you can easily select the perfect kitchen cabinet door handles that suit the overall ambience of your home. The choice you get with kitchen makeover has near-endless combinations that you can select from. Not just from a design perspective but also from a cost point of view. 

You’re not just limited on buying a cheap kitchen off the self but you can truly makeover your kitchen to a budget and design that is affordable and looks exactly how you want it.

Image showing the choice of kitchen cabinet doors and work surfaces that are available when choosing Mansfield based kitchen company, Kitchen Makeover Expert

Swapping your kitchen worktops is a very easy and cost-effective way to spruce your room

Simply replacing your worn-out kitchen worktops is a really easy way to bring a fresh new look to your kitchen. Like all options with a kitchen makeover, you have masses of choices here. You could opt for an easy to maintain really inexpensive material like laminated wood to even granite or marble.

Although the latter two options will set you back quite a few thousand pounds and are not ideal if you’re working to a lower kitchen makeover budget. 

However, as with all innovation, you have options!

You can still achieve that same look and durability of natural stone worktops with new advances in kitchen worktop manufacture. 

Have you heard of kitchen worktop overlays?  

Instead of replacing your kitchen counter with large slabs of expensive natural granite, marble or stone, a fairly new advancement in worktops is available at a fraction of the cost of the traditional counterpart. They still use the same materials as mentioned although they are manufactured using fewer materials. The new countertops can snugly fit onto your current kitchen work surface – no one would ever know!

By using fewer materials but still getting the benefit of heat, stain and scratch resistance, achieving the same look as traditional stone,  you’re also saving a huge amount of money. 

It’s a win for your pocket and a win for the environment. 

Your kitchen worktops come as everything with a kitchen makeover, with lots and lots of choices. You’re not restricted to colours, styles and you can even add a touch of sparkle to suit every kitchen surface. 

Image showing a kitchen remodel with quartz worktop overlays


We hope we have given you some food for thought when looking to remodel your kitchen. There are plenty of ways to achieve that ‘new kitchen’ look and feel without having to break the bank. The beauty of renovating a kitchen as opposed to replacing it entirely is that you can do it in stages, and make the choices that are right for you whilst still getting exactly what you want. A kitchen makeover isn’t a second-class choice, it can be a more informed way of getting what you want whilst focusing on the environment, budget and ultimately not compromising on kitchen design. 



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