Quartz Overlay Worktop Costs – How Expensive Are They?

They probably aren't as expensive as you would think. Read on to find out how this affordable kitchen worktop is available to most homeowners looking to renovate their kitchens!

Quartz overlay worktops, although a concept that’s been around for nearly 20 years in the UK, they still remain a well-kept secret for many. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll unveil the mysteries surrounding overlay worktops, covering their composition, cost, ideal applications, and whether they’re the right choice for you.

The Building Blocks of Quartz Overlay Worktops

Quartz overlay worktops are offered under various names like granite, quartzite, glass, and more. But the truth is, regardless of the base material, whether it’s quartz, granite, or any other stone, they all belong to the family of engineered stone surfaces. Here’s a breakdown of what overlay worktops are made of:

  • Solid vs. Engineered Stone: Traditional solid stones like granite and marble are extracted from the Earth, cut into slabs of varying thickness, and then polished to reveal their natural beauty. In contrast, engineered stone is a blend of crushed stone, a high-performance polymer resin, and a touch of pigment. While the ratios may differ among manufacturers, most engineered stone slabs contain approximately 93% natural stone.
  • Eco-Friendly Touch: Some engineered stone surfaces now incorporate a significant percentage of recycled materials, enhancing their environmental friendliness. This not only reduces the environmental impact of production but also minimises the consumption of new resources.

Are Overlay Worktops Suitable for All Kitchens?

When it comes to the question of whether your kitchen is suitable for quartz overlay worktops, the answer is usually a resounding “yes.” Here’s why:

  • Exceptional Strength: Quartz overlay worktops boast unparalleled strength, making them suitable for most kitchen setups. If your existing worktops aren’t a good fit for overlay, it’s likely that a complete kitchen renovation would be more appropriate than just replacing the worktops.
  • Light as a Feather: Quartx overlay worktops are incredibly lightweight, weighing just 18kg per square meter. This means there’s no need to worry about additional stress on your cabinets, unlike solid stone, which can weigh hundreds of kilograms per square meter.
  • Perfect for Existing Kitchens: Overlay worktops are particularly well-suited for existing kitchens. Their precision and versatility often make them the top choice, without the need for extensive additional work. The accuracy of templating ensures that your overlay worktops will gracefully adapt to any imperfections or irregularities in your kitchen space. Nothing needs to be torn out, damaged, or disturbed. It’s a hassle-free transformation for the kitchen you already love but feel could use a refreshing touch.

Choosing The Perfect Colour

Overlay worktops offer an extensive range of colours and designs, ensuring there’s an ideal match for any kitchen design. Whether you prefer classic, timeless shades, bold and contemporary colours, or patterns that mimic the look of natural stone, quartz overlay worktops can meet your aesthetic requirements. This versatility allows you to harmonise your worktops with your existing kitchen decor or use them as a focal point for a stunning transformation.

Installation in Two Steps

Installing overlay worktops is a two-step process, ensuring a precise and professional finish:

  1. Templating: This initial step usually takes a few hours. During this visit, important details like the placement of joins and any additional appliances you might want to install are discussed. The installation date is also scheduled.
  2. Installation: On the scheduled installation day, the process begins around 9 am. The team starts by removing the sink and hob, along with any other necessary prep work. The new overlay worktops are dry-fitted to ensure a perfect fit. Once everything aligns seamlessly, adhesive is applied to secure the new surfaces in place, and appliances are re-installed. The entire installation process typically takes around a day, ensuring a professional finish that can’t be rushed.

Quartz Overlay Worktop Costs

It’s very difficult to give an exact cost, depending on the number of worksurfaces your kitchen has and the work involved.

However, quartz overlay worktop costs are much less expensive than traditional solid stone, but more expensive than laminate.

Additional features like splashbacks, upstands, window sills, and under-mount sinks with drainer grooves might incur extra costs. Our pricing is straightforward: it’s based on the materials needed for your specific job. For instance, if you opt for upstands that can be cut from the same slab as your worktops, they won’t add a penny to the cost. This pricing approach ensures transparency for our customers and works well for us.


Quartz overlay worktops offer a fantastic way to transform your kitchen without the upheaval of a full kitchen renovation or makeover. They combine durability, aesthetics, and cost-efficiency, making them an excellent choice for homeowners looking to refresh their kitchen space. Whether you have an existing kitchen that needs a facelift or you’re exploring creative possibilities beyond the kitchen, overlay worktops could be the solution you’ve been searching for.

We hope this guide has shed light on overlay worktops and answered some of your questions. For more information about our products and services, feel free to explore our website. If you have any questions or would like to discuss your specific needs, don’t hesitate to give us a call. At Kitchen Makeover Expert, we’re here to help you achieve the kitchen of your dreams without the hassle.



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